15 Reasons Why EDM Is the Future Of Entertainment

15 Reasons Why EDM Is the Future Of Entertainment

Electronic dance music (EDM), also known as club or dance music, is produced mainly for the use in dance based environments like raves, festivals, and night clubs. But, why has it skyrocketed into popularity in the last couple of years, and why is EDM the future of entertainment world wide?

Well, there are many different reasons why EDM is the future of entertainment, and why people can’t seem to get enough of it. But, we’ll focus on just 15 of the primary reasons why Electronic dance music is the future of entertainment and music as we know it.

1. Consistency

EDM music is known for its consistency. No matter what genre they’re working with, EDM is consistently danceable and easy to listen to.

2. Availability

As popularity grew, EDM music has become more readily available no matter where you’re located. This makes it more attainable for the general public to enjoy. Not only that, but they’re accessible to venues to book almost readily and artists tend to be far more down to earth and easy to work with.

EDM festival attendees

3. A Lack of Ego

Most EDM artists are down to earth, friendly, and always seem to create a positive atmosphere for their fans to enjoy, no matter the venue that they’re performing in.

Electronic Dance Music

Photo courtesy of EDM Industry

4. A Wide Variety of Venues

Even if you can’t attend that 21+ show, chances are, you’ll find an all ages EDM venue that you can attend. This makes the genre easy to enjoy without having to worry about whether or not you will find the right place or time to participate.

5. Crowds

Whether it’s a festival or a dance party, most venues are going to be packed to the walls with like minded people. EDM music is best when enjoyed with friends or strangers that you share interests with. It helps to harbor a sense of community within the EDM world.

Electronic Dance Music

6. Competition

There is a healthy amount of competition among EDM artists which makes them push harder to create the music that you want to hear. There’s an endless amount of talent in the electronic dance music world and most of it comes straight from the tap.

7. Collaboration

Have two favorite EDM artists?  Want to hear something they’ve cooked up together? Chances are in this tight knit community your favorite artists will collaborate together to bring you something absolutely insane to enjoy. This helps to keep the market fresh for fans and followers.

DJ collaboration
Photo courtesy of Magnetic

8. No Combating Conversation

While at other concerts you may have to listen to the chatter of people talking over instruments, very few people are going to be willing to scream out over the volume of the sound system that EDM artists use, making it an immersive experience for everyone involved.

9. Spectacle is Everything in EDM

Not only is there sound, there are visuals to take in with almost all EDM performances. It allows all of the senses to key in on the experience.

Photo courtesy of Fist Pump Fridays

10. No Requests

While requests may be great in your standard concert experience, it can sometimes kill the flow of the music. Most performances are well planned out and executed without requests from the crowd. This helps to create a seamless show.

11. Inviting Environment

Not all live music shows are going to be super friendly. Some may even leave you wondering why you came or if you’re welcome. But, EDM shows are almost always largely positive. It is a group of people who loves the same thing, music.

Festival Scene

12. Genres

Much like most forms of music, EDM has branched out to form sub-genres. This means that there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

13. Fest or Festivals

Festivals or “Fests” are some of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll have in your life. While it can be packed, there are countless acts that will follow one another on stage. This means that you’re going to get more bang for your buck when going to festivals instead of a one-off concert with a couple of bands.

Festival Party Girls

14. Bass

There’s no hiding it, bass can make you feel powerful. The deep sounds resonate with just about everyone. It gives this genre an edge over many other forms of entertainment.

15. Dance

There is very little in the world that is more freeing than dance. But, few music genres lend themselves better to dance than EDM. The reason for that being that EDM is created with the purpose of getting fans up and on their feet.

EDM Dancer

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