How To Have An UnValentines Day

How To Have An UnValentines Day

February 14th is coming up, AKA Valentine's Day, AKA the day that makes everyone who isn't in a relationship feel like shit. Even if you're in a relationship, Valentine's Day can seem like one of the dumbest, most commercially driven holiday celebrated by the western world.

From buying boring gifts, to receiving crappy chocolate (or worse, nothing at all) to ultimately feeling like an utter failure at love and thus at life, Valentine's Day can sometimes seem kind of meaningless, and stressful too!

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So what if you decide to take hold this year, and instead of feeling bad about yourself you get your friends together and throw an AntiValentine's Day party? Or a friend's day? Or even just a singles' day to appreciate yourself instead of relationships? There are tons of ideas for what to do instead of celebrating Valentine's Day.

Don't get me wrong, if you love Valentine's then good for you - that's your personal choice. But if you feel like you've been celebrating it just because society seems to dictate that you should - then it might be time to get a little bit creative and break away from the norm. 

So let's discuss some great ideas of what to do instead of going on a basic date, or getting basic gifts.

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Throw an AntiValentine's Day Party

If you utterly hate Valentine's Day and want everyone to know how much you hate it, try an AntiValentine's Day party. Make sure that your home decor is dark and gothic, and tell all your guests to dress in some dark clothes. You want this party to be dark and full of a rebellious 'fuck Valentine's' attitude - and you want your guests to be able to express their hatred for Valentine's Day too. So, definitely no pink allowed!

The great thing about an AntiValientine's party is that it doesn't depend on whether or not you're in a relationship; you just have to hate Valentine's Day. I know that anytime I've been in a relationship, I've actively hated on Valentine's Day because it seems pointless and overly commercialized. So, if you have any friends who have no love for this ridiculous holiday (even if they're in a relationship) make sure to invite them!

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Singles Appreciation Celebration

If you aren't someone who loves to hate, and you want to stay more positive, you should try a singles appreciation celebration. This is a great way to still celebrate something happy and uplifting, but not feel the pressure of being in a relationship.

For this party, you should make some cute cocktails, and invite all your single friends. If there is a special someone who you are crushing on (or just someone you want to hook up with) this is the perfect setting to invite them. Get some fun shot glasses, invite all your single friends, and try to let the magic happen. Go big, or go home.

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Hava a 'Friend's Day'

Keeping things on a positive note, why not substitute Valentine's Day with a simple 'friend's day'. This is kind of like when you were in first grade, and gave everyone in class a little homemade Valentine's Day card and ate pink cupcakes. Except now you're an adult, so have your girls come over and bring an extra pair of pajamas so you can chill and do whatever you want.

Buy some fun makeup, some temporary tattoos, and you can all decide whether to go out or stay in. You can stay in and watch some horror movies to give an extra f-you to this holiday, or go out for a fun girls' night. Either way, you won't be home moping about your relationship status and cyber stalking all the couples you know.

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Celebrate Man's (and Woman's) Best Friend 

If you have a dog you pretty much have a built-in boyfriend. You have someone who's excited every time you come home from work, who cuddles you, who shares your food, and who will listen to you rant about all your daily life problems.

So if you love fido, dedicate your Valentine's Day to celebrating him (or her) and your relationship. Bring them on a walk, buy them some toys, and give them their favorite treat. Even if you don't have a boo, you have your dog which in a lot of ways is way better than any boo you could find.

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Love Yourself Day

But the best option for your Valentine's Day might just be a day for you to love yourself. Don't invite any friends over, don't go on a date, and don't stress about what the rest of the world is doing. Make the day all about you!

Take a fancy bath, slap on a facemask, and order yourself your favorite dinner. Also, since you don't have to buy someone else a gift, treat yourself to that special something you've always wanted! Don't go on social media, and don't let yourself feel bad about being single. The most important relationship to form is your relationship with yourself, and the most important person to love is you. 

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How do you feel about Valentines Day? Let us know in the comments. 

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