Incredible Artist to sell their Creative Artwork, Fine Art & Paintings On RM

Incredible Artist to sell their Creative Artwork, Fine Art & Paintings On RM

There are so many talented artists in all mediums selling their work on RebelsMarket; we want to highlight them on the blog with "Artist Spotlight". This week, we delve into the world of Krimson Artworks, the Scotland-based studio of artist Kimberley Simpson.

From a young age, Kimberley only ever wanted to be an artist. Throughout high school she focused on developing her art skills, and attended the Edinburgh College of Art where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Kimberley went on to obtain a Master's in Design from the Napier University in Edinburgh.

krimson artworks day of dead painting

My Day Dead Girl (Dia De Los Muertos), artprint or original pencil drawing, Krimson Artworks.

After leaving the university world behind, Kimberley found her bold, unique graphic style didn't mesh well with the job market for artists, so she opened her own art business in 2012 – Krimson Artworks.

hell bat krimson artworks

Hell Bat, artprint of acrylic painting original, Krimson Artworks

Kimberley works in a range of mediums and on a variety of different projects. Some of her specialties include portraits of people and animals, murals, medical illustration, drawing and illustration (especially figure and botanical drawing), macabre printwork, and apparel and product design.

dripping skull krimson artworks


Dripping Skull, artprint of original watercolor painting, Krimson Artworks


Krimson Artworks is inspired by goth, rock'n'roll and tattoo art, culture and a love of gore and horror films and tropes.

krimson artworks marilyn manson portrait


Marilyn Manson, artprint of original painting, Krimson Artworks


As well as the work for sale on her Rebels Market store, Kimberley accepts all kinds of commissions, including tattoo designs, paintings, drawings (especially portraits and car illustrations).

krimson artworks skull t shirt


Green Skull Black T-shirt (featuring original artwork), Krimson Artworks


With a huge variety of prints and apparel for sale in her store, Krimson Artworks is a welcome addition to the weird and wonderful Rebels Market world. If you are interested in selling your creative artwork, fine prints, original art and gilcees apply for Rebelsmarket artwork section & create your branded store now.

Visit the Krimson Artworks Rebels Market store to see more of Kimberley's amazing work. To stay updated on what's new in the world of Krimson Artworks, follow the Krimson Artworks Facebook page or Twitter feed.