History Of the Phantom Of the Opera

History Of the Phantom Of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is of course, not an opera at all. It's most famous adaptation is as a musical by none other than Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, which has toured the world extensively since 1986, and is one of the most successful musicals of all time. Originally a book published in 1909 by French author Gaston Leroux, the story has undertaken many adaptations since including a silent film and a Hollywood blockbuster, but none have received as much commercial success and popularity as the musical.

The story follows Christine, a budding opera singer who is given a job at the Paris Opera House. She begins to hear a voice which describes itself as the Angel of Music. However, the voice is not that of an angel, but of the cruel Erik who is the ghost of the Opera. Erik has been disrupting business in the opera house for many years, including laying claim to one of the boxes overlooking the stage.

In truth, Erik is not a ghost at all, but a man scarred by deformities so horrific he is forced to cover his face with a white mask.

Now under new management (who have little tolerance for ghost stories), the opera performs the classic Faust, the classic ‘sell your soul’ narrative, and when Erik does not get his way with the performance, he sends the grand chandelier plummeting to the stage at the end of the first act.

After the accident, Erik kidnaps Christine and reveals his true identity to her beneath the mask. She sees his deformities for the first time. Christine eventually agrees to marry Erik, and in the conclusion, later returns to bury him.

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Have you ever seen Phantom of the Opera performed, or read the book? Who was your favourite character?