Rock Fashion Inspired By: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Rock Fashion Inspired By: Repo! The Genetic Opera

The Year is 2056. An Organ failure epidemic has devastated the planet. Help comes in the form of the mega-corporation ‘GeneCo’, providing organ transplants to those in need with simple repayment plans. However, if you miss a payment, they send the Repo-Man who will repossess your organs that will leading to certain death.

Movie Summary

Repo! The Genetic Opera is a Horror Rock Musical that combines amazing costumes, catchy musical numbers, and questionable morals to paint a grisly picture of the future. It follows the story of Shilo, a 17 year old girl whose mother died of a rare blood disease. Her overprotective father has convinced her two things;

a) She has the same disease and must stay inside

b) He is a doctor.

The truth of the matter is that Shilo is quite healthy and he is the dreaded ‘Repo-Man’ an employee of GeneCo’s CEO Rotti Largo. Rotti Large is dying, and instead of leaving the company to one of his three children, he decides to bequeath it to Shilo. Meanwhile, Shilo has befriended the ‘Grave Robber’ on one of her many trips to visit her mother's grave. The ‘Grave Robber’ drains ‘Zydrate’ from dead bodies, a euphoric pain killer to which Amber Sweet (played brilliantly by Paris Hilton), is addicted, prompting the performance of what is probably the films most iconic and catchy song and dance routine, ‘Zydrate Anatomy’. Check it out here.

“Zydrate Comes in a Little Glass Vial…and the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery”

Suffice it to say, there are plenty of unexpected twists, goof amounts of gore, and things don’t quite turn out the way the rich and powerful expect. Inspiration for the story came in the form of the author’s (Darren Smith) friend going through bankruptcy and facing foreclosure of his possessions back in ‘96. Smith asked himself, what if not only our possessions could be repossessed, but our organs could as well? From this premise came the stage play ‘The Necromerchants Debt’. This slowly evolved into a feature length film released in 2008. While it wasn’t a box-office success as its creators hadhoped, it is still, in my humble opinion, a great movie to watch. And if you need a new outfit for Halloween or a dress up party, this movie provides some great inspiration.

Repo! The Genetic Opera Fashion for Women

Channel your inner Amber Sweet with this gorgeous Black Ballet Brocade Corset, team it with this assymmetrical Bustle Style Tutu Skirt with  pink trimComplete the look with Short Black Fingerless Gloves. 

Repo! The Generic Opera Fashion For Men

Addicted to Zydrate? Keep some close to your heart with this Blood Vial, Angel Wing BraceletRock out your inner GraveRobber with these awesome Altercore Black Men Boots.Team those stompy boots with this Striking Long Diagonal Zipper Accent Rider Leather Jacket. Pull the rock look together with a Standard O Ring Link Belt. 

Whatever character whose look you wish to ‘Repo‘ for your own, RebelsMarket has some great pieces to help you re-create the look. Try out these edgy rock looks for men and women and hone your inner Grave robber. 

Have you watched Repo The GENETIC Opera? Did you like the fashion there? Any other comment or suggestions we would love to hear from you just comment below.