Est. 2012

Voodoo Vixen Clothing

Voodoo Vixen vintage inspired fashion brand specializes in all things classic with looks featuring 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s style clothing. They have taken inspiration from the eras of glamor and have infused the classic looks with a touch of modern-day glamour.

Voodoo Vixen's stunning skirts, dresses, shirts, and accessories show the love of the elegance of Marilyn Monroe and modern glam of Dita Von Teese. They have stolen a romantic era of beautiful head-turning fashion and brought it into the contemporary world, making it available for fashion-forward women who want to pay homage to the romanticism of vintage clothes. 

This amazing collection of vintage inspired clothes will allow you to take your pick of boardwalk worthy jumpsuits, head-turning dresses, or flirty cardigans that are perfect for any occasion.

Voodoo Vixen prides themselves on creating irresistibly chic garments with in-house designs, that flatter any silhouette or shape, making them the perfect go-to for all vintage clothing lovers. With an inventory that changes with the weather demands, you can be sure that you will find everything you need to stay in vintage fashion all year long. 

Even if the weather is turning, you can count on Voodoo Vixen Brand and RebelsMarket having you covered with chic vintage jackets, and outerwear and a plethora of headwrap options to keep your luscious locks dry and warm.

A major perk of Vodoo Vixen is that they offer a wide range of sizes. They have standard sizes and a form-flattering plus size collection ranging all the way to 6XL “Vixen Curve” because the Voodoo Vixen brand and RebelsMarket believe in that all women deserve to feel and look their best, and in inclusivity for all women, often collaborating with influencers to make sure that they’re designing something that is right for everyone.

These vibrant strut-worthy clothes are perfect for every occasion from cute flirty dresses perfect for a memorable prom, all the way to wide-leg denim overalls and nautical jumpsuits that you can wear for brunch with friends or to look your best while running a quick errand.

Once you have picked up your favorite vintage-inspired pieces, you can complete your look with the perfect tartan or wicker handbag and other fun yet functional vintage accessories. 

If you’re a lover of all things vintage inspired or fashionably glamorous, Voodoo Vixen is the perfect brand of clothing for you. Shop Voodoo Vixen deals today!