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Have you ever heard someone ask the question “what does a goth wear to the beach?” The answer – whatever the hell she wants!

However, when you see the gorgeous collection of unique swimsuits at RebelsMarket, you’ll realize that it is possible to keep an alternative style in your swimwear. And you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t start shopping alternative marketplaces sooner!

We stock a huge range of unique bikinis for women, all in alternative, cute and edgy styles that you won’t find in regular stores. So if you want to keep your gothic, punk, pinup or even streetwear style alive even when you’re on the beach, RebelsMarket has you covered.

When you’re a fan of alternative styles like tattoo fashion, steampunk styles, retro clothing or even high fashion – shopping for unique swimsuits that reflect your alternative identity can be a little bit difficult. This seems to be an area of alternative marketplace that is sometimes ignored by designers. But not with RebelsMarket!

We are proud to offer a large collection of sexy women’s swimwear in interesting designs and alternative styles that you won’t find in the mall. We stock gorgeous bikinis, unique one piece swimsuits and other awesome beachwear that is perfect for lovers of alternative fashion.

Our collections are vast because we curate all of our items from alternative fashion designers and retailers across the globe. We pull all the very best sexy and unique swimsuit designs into one place, meaning that you can shop with confidence knowing that all our designs are totally exclusive. And what’s more – our wide variety of unique swimsuits can fit any budget!

So whether you’re shopping for sexy women’s swimwear for your next vacation, or want something a little different to add to a burlesque outfit then look no further than RebelsMarket. Shop online to find sexy, unique swimsuits today and see how diverse the RebelsMarket swimwear collection really is.


Unique Swimsuits & Sexy Swimwear for Alternative Fashion Fans

Even though you don’t get to show off your bikini or swimsuit all that often, being on top of your swimwear and beachwear game is still important. Choosing the right unique swimsuit or bikini to complement your alternative wardrobe can be a serious confidence booster! Let’s face it, if you’re a goth then you’re probably sick of all the pink polka dot bikini designs out there. Swimwear, after all, can be sexy without being mainstream. You can definitely keep your alternative style in your swimwear, regardless of what you’re into. The key thing is to pick unusual styles and complement them with some well-placed accessories.

So if you’re a rebel at heart, your swimwear should complement your look. If you’re into dark fashion, why not try a sexy bandage style bikini or one-piece swimsuit, or opt for a graphic swimsuit in cool skull print designs. This type of look goes great with gothic jewelry such as a well-placed choker and some awesome gothic rings.

Or, you can take punk fashion as an example. Opting for an interesting swimsuit with cut-out designs or spaghetti straps is a definite nod to the ‘slashed’ DIY motif of punk fashion, and can even be accessorised with safety pins if you’re feeling particularly creative. Make your poolside punk ensemble super sexy by opting for a pair of wedges and some cool sunglasses to complete your look.

Opting for cool, graphic prints for your unique swimsuits is a great way to stand out from the crowd. A skull print bikini won’t look out of place as part of an alternative swimwear ensemble, especially when paired with edgy accessories like skull jewelry, or even some temporary tattoos. Slip on a cool tank top and a pair of edgy shorts styled with patches and you’ve got a cute, alternative outfit in seconds.

Or, if you’d rather opt for plain black then there’s no shame in that either. You can dress up your swimwear by adding layers and textures in the form of a boho style caftan or a brightly coloured maxi dress. Add some sandals for a more practical, dressed down look – or go crazy with a pair of heels if you want to elongate those legs.

The key thing to remember is that you aren’t limited to mainstream fashion even when it comes to your swimwear. The best thing to do is to shop around for interesting cuts and styles, and opt for alternative prints when it comes to choosing sexy women’s swimwear and unique bikinis. Just take a look at the vast selection of unique swimsuits in awesome alternative designs at RebelsMarket! You’re sure to find something that fits with your own personal, alternative style.