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Hard or Soft Grunge: How to Wear 9os Fashion

Authentic '90s grunge style is one of those fashion phenomena that arose as a symbol of rebellion. The grunge style and attitude of the 1990s was very much about being understated, scruffy or even unkempt. Basically, the key to a great grunge clothing look for men and women alike - is to look like you haven’t tried!

The grunge era was all about flannel shirts, combat boots or Dr. Martens - and a general 'I don't give a F*CK' attitude. The style is now more refined, although it still draws a lot of inspiration from grunge bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden (you can still find t-shirts embellished with Nirvana’s ‘happy face’ logo in mainstream fashion today).

Since its heyday, grunge fashion has given birth to subgenres of the original style such as the rise of punk grunge clothing and pastel grunge. Pastel grunge clothing blends the gritty, unkempt and downright 'ugly' elements of grunge with the complete opposite - cute and kawaii fashion. So - think grunge hoodies and sweatshirts paired pastel colored Doc Martens - and you’ll have a pretty clear idea about what pastel grunge is.

If you want to create a harder, more rebellious grunge outfit then pairing punk rock clothing such as ripped fishnets or jeans with grunge sweaters and cardigans is the way to go. The best thing to do before building a new grunge look is to shop our collection of grunge outfits, clothing and accessories - to find some inspiration for your new look. This way, you’re sure to find some affordable staple pieces such as grungy jeans, flannel shirts, band tees and even 90s chokers for the ladies.

You can even add a grunge edge to existing outfits by adding some statement grunge accessories such as a beanie, a pair of fingerless gloves or some carefully placed patches.

Remember - when you buy grunge clothing online you are basically buying the staples of a versatile and stylish wardrobe. You can pair grunge clothing with hard gothic and punk styles, or even softer bohemian and kawaii clothing - the combinations are endless and the look is up to you.