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Biker Jewelry

Nothing completes an outfit like a few carefully selected pieces of jewelry. So if you're into kickass alternative styles such as heavy-metal clothing, biker clothing or skull fashion, then you might want some badass biker jewelry to complete your alternative look.

The biker jewelry trend has endured over the years, with biker hats being popularised by mainstream fashion, while biker bracelets and other biker themed accessories take center stage in the online alternative fashion community.

Pop culture has seen many different iterations or biker fashion over the years, but the jewelry associated with it has remained largely the same. This means that while biker-themed accessories are not necessarily a new trend, they are just as popular as ever!

With this in mind, biker jewelry and badass biker accessories can be a valuable addition to your own alternative wardrobe. Whether you actually own a Harley-Davidson, or you just subscribe to the badass look that biker clothing provides, you can find awesome men's biker jewelry and women's biker jewelry right here at RebelsMarket.

The great thing about kick-ass jewelry and accessories like this is that they can be mixed and matched with multiple different styles. So whether you want to add a hard, biker-chick edge to your Gothic outfits, or you are simply after an online biker ring shop to buy yourself some cool finger bling – you can get everything you need to create a kickass look all in one place.

RebelsMarket is proud to bring you the very best in alternative fashion and accessories. So whether you are after biker headbands to complete your edgy punk rock look, or even if you're looking to buy biker rings wholesale – this is your one-stop shop.

We source the very best in alternative jewelry and accessories because we curate all of our collections from jewelry designers and retailers across the globe. When you shop online at RebelsMarket, you can be confident that you are shopping the freshest trends available.

And what's more, we don't discriminate when it comes to price. Whether you are on a budget or have money to spend on luxury items, we have biker jewelry for you!

If you browse our collection, you’ll find biker rings for sale, along with cool metal accessories like a sweet biker chain, or a pair of earrings to complete your edgy new look. Shop now and discover the diverse range of biker jewelry for women and for men we have on offer.

What to Wear with Biker Jewelry

When it comes to selecting the finishing touches of your outfit, is important to consider the details. If you are looking to add a chic biker edge to your look, then biker jewelry could be just what you need.

Biker fashion itself has evolved over the years, but there are still staple items that are associated with the look. The most popular of these is probably the leather biker jacket. This considered crucial to biker fashion and is the first thing that comes to mind when visualizing a biker-inspired look.

While the first biker jacket with a zipper was thought to have been created way back in 1928, it wasn't actually created for fashion. It was invented with the sole purpose of being a functional piece of clothing for motorcycle riders to wear.

Fast forward to today and a black leather jacket is a firm favorite in biker fashion, as well as lovers of retro styles who want to create that 50s greaser look. When accenting a leather jacket with biker accessories the key is to keep simplicity in mind. A leather jacket as a stand-alone item looks great, but when you add in a biker chain and a couple of men's biker rings you take a pretty standard outfit and convert it into a badass one!

Another quintessential element of biker's fashionis the motorcycle vest. Just like the early motorcycle jackets, these were originally designed to protect the wearer and date back to World War II. It is thought that they were born from removing the sleeves from biker jackets so that motorcyclists could move their arms more freely. The rebellious look that a cut-off jacket gave was just an added bonus!

A motorcycle vest looks great with a tank top and biker hat or other headwear. If you want to style a modern biker outfit, consider adding biker headbands or even sewing a couple of patches onto the vest itself. This is a great look for both men and for women. Women can accessorize this look with biker earrings and leather leggings, while men could opt for thick chain biker necklaces and biker skull rings for a tough and edgy style.

The looks that you can create with biker jewelry are endless. You don't have to pair it with biker clothing – you could mix and match different alternative subcultures and create a look that is unique to you. Best thing to do is to browse the vast selection of biker jewelry and accessories we have available. You're sure to find something to inspire you to create a whole new outfit.


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