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Black Platform Boots

RebelsMarket has handpicked an affordable collection of the best alternative fashion footwear and black platform boots for men and women. Each pair of boots has been made with high attention to detail from the materials used to each embellishment such as buckles, straps, zippers, and chains that are used to create a unique look to accessorize your alternative look.

You can incorporate black platforms into your daily look or a night out on the town. Pair a mid-calf black platform boot with a gothic kilt and vest for an expressive look or grab some men’s black platform Disco shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers and a button-up top for a weekend that you’ll never forget.

Dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, black platform shoes have been used throughout history to keep the hems of dresses away from the mud, they also became a facet in high society. The higher the shoe, the higher the wearer’s status was. However, throughout the modern era, different cultures have changed how we look at black platforms and their uses.

The popularity of skyscraper shoes and black platform boots for men exploded during the 1970s with disco culture and were adopted soon after by the gothic subcultures where they remain popular today.

Black platforms, the easiest way to make you stand above the crowd with minimal effort. This soul-era fashion trend has come and gone, but, now it seems that with the increasing popularity of counterculture fashion, they are here to stay.

When people talk about modern-day black platform shoes, they will usually think of cute black platform Mary Janes or strappy sandals for women, however, black platforms aren’t just for women anymore. Men’s black platform boots are a staple in many subcultures that subvert the ordinary in fashion trends. They can be an aggressive statement piece with spikes and chains or an elegant black vinyl boot that catches the eye when the wearer passes by.

Women’s black platform high boots are fashionable, easy to walk in, and perfect for almost every occasion.

We believe that high fashion shouldn’t come at a steep price, that’s why each pair of shoes will be affordable, high quality, and built to last, no matter the material that they are made out of. We have vinyl, durable leather, and vegan-friendly options for those who want to live cruelty-free.

What are you waiting for? Shop our selection of Men’s black platform boots and shoes today. We ship worldwide so no matter where you live, you can express yourself through a pair of shoes that are uniquely you.


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