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Bomber Jackets

Snag the coolest bomber jackets online to infuse that 90s look into your outfit. Our styles of bomber jackets include satin, varsity-style, athletic, metallic, embroidered and silk which come in black,olive and blush colors. We ship worldwide.

If you've popped into any stores or breezed through any fashion magazines lately, you've probably noticed a ton of bomber jackets slowly emerging as a fall trend that can easily transition into a year- round wardrobe staple. With a cool Japanese influence and a pilot- inspired background, bomber jackets are pretty much irresistible no matter what you typically dress in. And cheap bomber jackets that are high in quality, too? Well, you've pretty much just hit the style jackpot (with just a little help from RebelsMarket).  

One of the best features of bomber jackets is that they can be for men or for women. While military inspired jackets have been a menswear staple for quite a few years, they've only just been introduced as a style suitable for women as well. I mean, finally. Typically made with neutral colors, a new pilot- inspired jacket will go seamlessly with almost any of your go- to outfits; from a t-shirt and skinny jeans in the fall to a babydoll dress in the spring. For a more interesting addition to your closet, look for a military inspired, camo, or embroidered bomber jacket. This choice in outerwear will add a cool, urban edge to your current look by combining a trending style with a classic silhouette. 


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Bomber Jackets

So, where exactly did the bomber jacket trend emerge? Let's take a step back in time for a mini history lesson. Bomber jackets originated during WWII when pilots needed a jacket that was suitable for chilly weather and high altitudes when flying. However, the coats couldn't be too bulky so the material didn't interfere with the functionality of the pilot and the cramped machinery inside the cockpit. The material of the original bomber jackets consisted of leather and fur designed to keep the pilots warm, but afterwards was changed to wool and waterproofed nylon for a better-streamlined silhouette that stayed out of the way of the plane's operation system. Fur collars were replaced with knit ones during the 1950's, primarily because the bulky fur got in the way of the parachute harness. It's always the things you never think about, right?  After the mid 50's, the bomber jacket spread to non-military male personnel as a practical jacket to wear for comfort in chilly temperatures. From the late 1960's to the 80's, bomber jackets entered the punk scene in Europe and Australia due to their milder winters, and were worn with skinny jeans and lace- up combat boots.

To say the least, the bomber jacket certainly has quite a long history and it isn't over yet! Whether you dig the classic silhouette of the pilot bomber jacket or like the delicate features of embellished bombers, you're sure to find what you're looking for right here.