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Corset Tops

Corset tops are increasingly becoming a fashion statement in alternative fashion. These days, they have developed and are available in different shapes, fit, patterns, and colors such as black, white, pink, and red. They are also in the form of an overbust, underbust, tanks, steel, and plastic boning tops. They can be worn with any other outfit or alone, and come in different styles such as zip-up, lace-ups, and eye closures. More intricate designs include frills and stylish beads that accentuate and enhance the body’s curves. Corset tops are here to shake things up, and add a little appeal to your look. With the variety of options available, sorting out what to buy can be quite baffling. You can, therefore, use this buying guide to help you get the perfect piece to suit your styling needs.

Factors to consider when shopping for a corset top online

(1). Fit

First things first, a woman’s steel boned corset top is always 4 inches less than their natural waist. So if you have a 32-inch waist size, then you will buy a 28-inch corset. A good top shouldn’t leave you with any unsightly bumps or bulges. It should feel great when it’s on, supporting you without squashing you. 

The only exception to this rule is when you buy instant shape ranges that are often available in different sizes. However, these too can vary in size between brands. So be sure to measure your waist correctly before purchasing a corset top. This is especially important if you buy it online. Check all the measurements carefully in the product description before making a purchase. 

(2). Comfort

A top made from a good pattern is more comfortable than you may realize. It should always have a breathable twill lining, this is the only fabric that will be against your skin while wearing it. For added comfort on our waist training and “Expert Waist Training” top, you will also find the additional  “hip gores” or “hip panels.” Gores and Panels are two different solutions to ensure additional flair at the bottom of your top, giving it more room to fit comfortably over the top of the hips.

(3). Types of corset tops

It is also important to know the types of corset tops that can suit different personalities and styles. These types include:

  • Lace-up- Soft, lace-up styles are malleable and designed to be worn alone to create more shape at the waistline, For the bold risk-taker, a full-on lace-up style is the ticket. They're pretty much another layer you can wear with your jeans as a statement piece, like a cardigan or sweater you throw onto your outfit. As an easy introduction to the look, try a slim version, which will feel more like a belt than a waist trainer. Then, upgrade to a bustier. It's a feel-safe formula to layer over a basic tee and jeans outfit. You can also style a crop top with cute pants and a pair of boots for a bold vibe. You can also pair a lace-up top-dress with skull leggings and platform boots for a gothic look.

  • Steampunk- The steampunk look has a heavy base built on cream and tan colors, and accent pieces are usually burnt sienna, bronze, copper, and chocolate. These tons are rich and indulgent. Corsets tops may have intricate, sturdy details such as chains, belts, leather straps, or heavy clasps at the front instead of a  standard busk. In most cases, the metals used will be brass, stainless steel, copper, or bronze, again going right along with that earth tone color palette. To achieve a steampunk look, wear a black long-sleeve top alone or over a frilly shirt. Finish the look with a high-low skirt to show off your thigh-high stockings, and lace-up boots.

  • Gothic- A gothic top is just what you need to make your outfit rock. They come in several designs such as vintage, leather, spiked tops, brocade cinchers, and more. Nothing will cinch in your waist and accentuate your curves than a good top. You can go for an off-shoulder and try pairing it with almost any outfit in your wardrobe, from long skirts and lace dresses to printed leggings and jeans, you can also opt for a black top with sleeves and distressed jeans with sneakers for an urban vibe. 

  • Strapless- Among the must-haves for your closet is a strapless corset top. Keep It Simple. Style a floral bustier top with a simple pair of vintage-wash jeans for a look that's ideal for an easy weekend outfit. Add your favorite sunnies and you're good to go. For your next evening event that requires something slightly more formal, consider a structured lace top worn with trousers and sleek boots. It is surprisingly very wearable and chic. Add a statement necklace and stylish coat slung off the shoulder for a polished finish.

(4). Function

Apart from being extremely versatile, corsets tops are fashionable and are perfect for waist training and dress up. If you are going for elegance and fresh looks, shop for tops with bows, embellishments, and trims. Look for instant shaping tops that are designed for outwear, with often boasting sleeves and other different features to up your look.

With these tips, you can now get yourself stylish tops to suit your style and preference.  Browse through our unique collection of cute tops; we know you'll find something you love. RebelsMarket has you covered when it comes to whichever type of top you plan on buying. You can shop for a wide variety of women's clothing at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.


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