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Steel Boned Corsets

Are you looking to add a little gothic charm or burlesque glamour to your wardrobe? Then browse our rebellious collection of steel boned corsets now!  RebelsMarket is committed to bringing you beautiful waist training corsets in all shapes, styles, and sizes. From flattering steel-boned corsets, when you need structure and support, to rigid Victorian corsets and Steampunk designs for when you want to make a statement, to stylish black steel boned corsets for when you want to look chic and slim – we do have it all!

We select our steel boned corset tops from worldwide retailers and designers of the very best alternative fashion. Because of this, we also offer a staggering variety of metal corsets and rigid waist trainers to provide ultimate support, flatter your figure and keep you looking stylish. When you shop on RebelsMarket, you can be confident that you're buying unique corsets – since we don't stock mainstream brands.

But it doesn’t just stop with corsets. We curate our collections from such a diverse range of designers that we can provide you with everything you need to start building a fresh, new alternative wardrobe. Accessorize your punk rock corset with skull jewelry, enhance your gothic corset with black boots, and a statement choker – or adorn your Steampunk corset with fabulous accessories. We provide everything you need to accent your steel boned corset and make your outfit pop!

And we don't discriminate when it comes to price; we offer boned corsets and steel corsets to suit any budget, from high end right through to affordable waist training corsets for those just getting started with waist training. And, of course, we offer multiple sizes, shapes, and designs for you to choose from.

Stop scouring the web to find the perfect waist trainer, and shop our selection of steel boned corsets today. Get 10% off your first order!


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How to Use a Steel Boned Corset for Waist Training

Corsets are a unique, diverse item of clothing that can be a fun part of your everyday wardrobe or a statement piece of clothing for special occasions. There's no shortage of different corset options to choose from – with underbust corsets for the midriff, overbust corsets to cover the whole torso, lace-up corsets which can be tightened over time – even corset dresses for those special occasions!

But when it comes to waist training with a corset, the main thing your corset should have (whatever style of corset you choose) is metal 'stays.' This is the term given to the steel bones in steel boned corsets. So no matter if you're a punk rocker, a pin-up girl, a goth, or simply a lover of burlesque-style clothing – if you want to start waist training, then you need a steel boned corset.

The reason for this is that waist training is built on the idea that you use your corset (or 'waist trainer' as it is sometimes called), tightening it over time to attain a slimmer waist. While elasticated waist trainers are great for cinching in the waist, in the same way, that a steel-boned underbust corset would, they can't be tightened over time, and they do not hold their shape.

For this reason, it's best to choose a steel boned lace-up corset for waist training. Remember, you need support and rigidity with waist training, and this is precisely what corsets with steel bones provide.

When you first start waist training with a corset, it is important to make sure you select the right size. Ideally, the best fit is a tight but not so tight corset that you have trouble tightening it over time. Once you've selected the perfect size, wear it for a couple of hours on the first day to get the feeling and start breaking it in.

Next, begin wearing it for a couple of hours each day. Once you've adjusted to wearing it, you can start tightening the garment over time, to attain a semi-permanent hourglass figure.

 Step-by-step Instructions on How to Lace Your Corset

Your corset may have arrived pre-laced, so if this is the case, don't worry about lacing up the corset. But you will have to check to see that the corset top has been pre-laced correctly. To check if correctly laced, ensure that the dangling laces  (to be pulled tight) meet in the center of the back instead of at either end.

However, be aware that the middle of the corset may not be at the same level as your natural waist, so if your waist is slightly below or slightly higher, you may want to lace it according to your measurements.

If it arrives unlaced, you should either have two sets of laces that you will use to lace up your corset or one long lace. We have given you very basic techniques for lacing up your corset, either using one lace or two laces. Check out the step-by-step instructions below:

 Lacing with just one lace 

  • Take one of the laces and start lacing at the top of the garment, threading the lace through the top two eyelets (also known as grommets), so that the horizontal lace is on the inside of the corset rather than the outside.

  • Pull the lace through so that the two, dangling ends of the lace are equal in length.

  • Take the right-hand lace and thread it through the next available eyelet on the left. Make sure that the lace remains on the outside of the corset top until you've read it through the eyelet, back so that it is hanging on the inside of the corset.

  • Do the same for the left lace, again making sure that the dangling end of the lace falls on the inside of the corset.

  • The laces should now form an X shape on the outside of the corset.

  • Again take the lace on the right-hand side and thread it through the next available eyelet on the left-hand side. This time the lace should remain on the inside of the corset, and the dangling end should be poking through the eyelet on the outside of the corset.

  • Do the same for the lace on the other side. The laces should now form an X shape on the inside of the corset.

  • Repeat these steps until you reach the center or waistline of the corset, or where your natural waist falls (you should know this from taking your measurements)

  • Next, take the lace on the right-hand side and thread down to the next available eyelet directly below on the same side of the corset. The lace should thread down and through so that it is dangling on the inside of the corset. This should form a loop or ‘bunny ear’ from one eyelet, down to the next.

  • Do this again for the lace on the left side. The laces should now have passed through to the inside of the corset.

  • Repeat the previous crisscrossing method until you reach the bottom of the corset.

  • Adjust the slack in the laces evenly throughout the corset top so that you have about 4 inches of slack between both sides.

  • Tie off the dangling laces at the bottom of the corset without tightening the corset any further. You can use a standard knot for this. When the garment is on, this is when you want to pull on the loops or 'bunny ears' that we created in the center of the corset. Pull-on these loops until the corset is sufficiently tight and then secure the garment with a double knot.

 Lacing using two laces 

  • Take one of your laces and fold it in half so that you find the center point of the lace

  • Start lacing at the top of the corset by pulling the lace up through the top eyelet so that the end of the lace is dangling on the outside.

  • Do this again on the eyelet directly opposite, and pull the lace through until both ends that are dangling are the same length.

  • Pull the dangling ends over one another in a cross shape, and push them through the eyelets on either side, so that the ends are now on the inside.

  • Repeat this process, crossing over again and pulling them up through the eyelets so that the ends are dangling on the outside.

  • Repeat this process, lacing down to the center point of the corset, or wherever your natural waistline is (make sure you finish up with the two dangling ends of the lace facing outwards)

  • Now, take your second lace and repeat the same process as above, but starting with the eyelets at the bottom of the corset (make sure you start by lacing up through the holes)

  • Continue with the criss-cross pattern until you reach up to the center point of the corset.

Once the corset is laced, you'll have two free ends on each of the two laces (so that's four laces dangling on the outside of the corset). The easiest way to tighten your corset from here is to pull on all the laces, tightening the corset to your desired fit, and then tie it all into a straightforward shoelace knot.

Untying your corset.

When we refer to 'untying' your corset, what we mean is loosening the laces at the back rather than entirely untying the whole thing. To give you a brief idea of how to do this properly, we've included some simple, step-by-step instructions below.

  • Begin by untying the knot in the center of the corset

  • Make sure there are no twists or knots in the laces as you pull them straight.

  • Next, grab the overhand crosses of the laces (the X shapes of the laces that are facing on the outside of the garment) and begin to tease them loose, creating slack in the clothing.

  • Work your way up the corset, pulling the crossed laces free, creating enough slack until the corset top is hanging loosely from the body.

  • Once the corset is sufficiently loose, you can undo the busk.

Now that you know a lot about steel-boned corsets, it’s now time to invest in a sexy piece that will also serve as a waist trainer. Browse our selection for more options to suit our style and personality. Don’t be left out!